Join Our Team

So you want to work for The Junction or The Junction Deli?

Please read this list and make sure we are someone you would work for.

1. We depend on folks that are on time.  15 minutes early means that if you are 10 minutes late you are always 5 minutes early.

 2. Smiling is a requirement and using the terms “thank you” and  “have a nice day” are part of your daily routine.

3. “That isn’t my job” is never uttered here. From picking up a small piece of paper to stocking the cooler, we all pitch in and help.

4. You need to be fast.  Our business is convenience and people want fast service.

5. People are our business. We enjoy seeing our usual customers, and we improve our business when we are able to say “Sarah how is your mom doing?”

6. We will gladly work with you and give you the hours that appeals to your schedule but please understand that schedules do change.

Are you ready to join our team?
If you feel like we are a team you want to join, then please download our Application and drop by one of our locations.